I *beep* love science !

The currency of science is (sadly, sometimes…) publications. “Publish or perish” is the oft-used adagium, to illustrate how much of a Red Queen we have to be as a scientist. Think of researchers needing to publish for scientific survival, as a person running on a conveyor belt at full speed… If that person (the scientist) stops running (publishing), (s)he will fall and be whisked off the stage. Harsh ? Hmm, yes… Unfair ? No, not really. Because, science needs to stay as up-to-date as possible to provide well-founded facts and answers to questions big and small. Of course, publications in high-impact journals constitute the biggest trophy one can proverbially shoot. But, how many people read such publications actually ? Not that many, is the fair answer. That is why I find it so incredibly cool that the popular (but accurate) scientific website IFLScience has picked up on the interview in New Scientist and published an article about our work. With the sole purpose of explaining and distributing real science to real people, IFLScience uses no-nonsense language, straight to the point, without dumbing it down.


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