What is going on at Green Beach ?


Yes ! It is almost that day that we fly to Hawai’i. We, that is Dr. Phil Renforth from Cardiff University and myself, Dr. Francesc Montserrat of the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. Why is it interesting for you to read about two researchers going to the Big Island of that famous archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, you ask ? Obviously, we are not going there to sunbathe…no, we are going there to do a three-week field research on a natural olivine beach. Papakolea Beach on the southern tip of Big Island is a beach that consists mainly of olivine grains. We are very much interested in the incredible capacity of this green mineral to capture CO2 from both atmosphere and seawater and potentially counteract climate change effects, such as ocean acidification. Before ever coming close to trying this out in real life we wanted to investigate how this works in a natural setting, where olivine has been weathering for hundreds, no thousands of years. We are going to Papakolea Beach to try and measure the effect this dissolving mineral has on both the chemistry of the ocean and the state of the surrounding ecosystem. Please keep following this blog for the coming weeks, as we will try and update it regularly.

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